Mistura Timepieces

Mistura is a unique artistic expression of watches that speak to cultures from around the world. Started back in 2005 by four best friends, they came together to realise this artistic vision. They took various woods from their native country Colombia and combined them with different leather bands to begin reinventing what a watch could be.

Mistura's mission is to use their artistic purpose to combine the randomness of nature with the precision of time; to create timepieces full of design, sustainable innovation, and craftsmanship. Their passion is to make each creation an experience, while at the same time something as unique as a fingerprint.

Every wooden watch is lovingly handcrafted to precise requirements and subject to the strictest quality controls. 90% of the process involved is accomplished by hand, so creating each piece is a slow and meticulous one. The lengthy process includes long periods of ageing the woods, acquisition of materials, absorption of oils, plus many hours of manual labour to mold, polish and assemble each piece, amounting to a ritual of about 85 hours to make you fall in love in only a second.

Exclusive to Snazzy Shop in NZ - purchase a Mistura wooden watch for yourself or as a gift for a loved one and carry a piece of nature with you forever.

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