About Us

Our small business is owned by Lisa and Ian Scott from Tauranga, New Zealand.

After living in Canada for a few years and not only falling in love with my Canadian husband, I also fell in love with Espe handbags and wallets! Previously, I hadn't been much of a handbag kinda girl (I was more interested in carrying a backpack) but there was just something that really caught my eye with this brand - the colours, the quirkiness and the different yet functional styles.  It was great to own something different from everyone else.

When we moved to NZ from Canada in 2010, I knew that I (and mum) couldn't be the only Kiwi women to love Espe handbags and wallets! I had always thought there was a gap in the market here as I had never seen anything close to this fabulous brand.  My mother-in-law kindly keep me up-to-date with various bags for Christmas and my birthday but that just wasn't enough for me.

That's when we established Snazzy Shop. I just knew I had to share my love and passion for their products - it was time to bring Espe to NZ!

Snazzy Shop team

Some of the Snazzy Shop team - Gypsy, Emily, Tyler and Lisa