Espe is a Toronto based family company owned by Elizabeth Hardy. Espe pride themselves on making products that are made with kindness - wanting to be a part of making a cruelty free world.

Espe uses durable premium vegan leather called polyurethane. The materials are ethically sourced and responsibly made. Each year Espe strives to make their products more inline with sustainable practices and are constantly on the lookout for innovative sustainable materials.

Owner Elizabeth is no stranger to the fashion world being the CEO for FCUK Canada for many years before having her family.

Espe has been providing quality women's handbags, wallets and phone pouches for over 20 years - each season (Spring/Summer & Autumn/Winter) they design fun, fashionable and functional products which are unique to them.  Whether it be different shaped handbags or different whimsical designs - there are certainly no other brands out there quite as good as Espe!

Espe products are also PETA approved (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) - the largest animal rights organisation in the world!

Espe are constantly being inspired by the beauty of mother nature, and they love to incorporate these elements into their designs. Espe love being different and standing out with their whimsical designs. It’s equally important to Espe and us to have each and every product ethically sourced and responsibly made, ensuring quality and integrity every step of the way.

I fell in love with Espe products while living in Canada. We would often find different handbags and wallets when visiting small boutique type shops while exploring different parts of Canada - that's how my passion for these products started.

I'd never been into handbags much, I'd spent too long travelling so my preference at the time was a Kathmandu backpack!  But my addiction grew and I always felt that these products would be popular in NZ.

Upon moving back home and settling into life in NZ, starting a family and moving around a little for my husbands job - the opportunity just never seemed right. Until one day, I was joking around about when I bring Espe to NZ and just thought to myself - well, I better ask them if I can - that way I can either pursue this dream or put it to rest and move on.

Lucky for me, they said yes and that's how Snazzy Shop NZ started!  SHOP NOW to see our full range.

 Elizabeth Hardy, Espe


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