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Yoshi Goods Leather products

I stumbled upon Yoshi while browsing for another amazing brand to add to our collection.  I was blown away with their fabulous range of products, the quality and excellent customer service and just knew Yoshi Goods would be a great fit for Snazzy Shop.

Yoshi was born from a fusion of Osaka inspired culture and a British penchant for quality and design. Behind the Yoshi brand sits over 50 years of experience in product design, manufacturing and more importantly the handcrafting of leather.

Yoshi is a breath of fresh air, a thunderclap in a blue sky, and a metaphor for quality. This is reflected in the modern and innovative designs that can be seen.  All Yoshi products are crafted using the finest leather and unsurpassed  production techniques with attention paid to every last feature, detail and stitch.

The iconic Yoshi logo is both unique in its design and in its message. On one hand, it represents the traditional timeless values of quality, craft and workmanship; on the other it symbolises happiness, fun and the future.

In owning a Yoshi product, you don’t just become the owner of a beautiful leather product, you become part of both the history and future of the Yoshi brand, and you know that throughout this life, Yoshi will be forever by your side!

Yoshi Sunflower leather handbag

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